What Is A Posture Brace?

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What Is A Posture Brace?

Every body’s posture can be described by their muscles and the way the spine is shaped. Many people manage to have a perfectly upright posture, but it is not possible for everyone. Due to the different lifestyles that every one lives, different people can have different kinds of back problems.

Back pain is caused mainly due to incorrect posture while sitting and slouching. This may be because of the nature of work since most people who work at a desk job always slouch and sit. Spinal disease, injury and certain muscle troubles may also be a cause for a bad back. Lack of exercise and obesity are some of the reasons for people to have poor posture.

Most people are unaware of how to get a good posture and continue living with these back problems, further damaging the spinal structure. This also causes the rigidness of the muscles on the back and shoulders.

To help aid this, extra support can be given to such patients by physical therapists. This support can be given through posture braces.

A posture brace is basically a custom created garment that helps in supporting the shoulders and back by offering steadiness to the muscles of these areas. It pulls the shoulder back and straightens the spine by aligning it into its natural position.

Posture braces are available in various shapes and sizes. For women, certain posture bras are available that can give great support. Other types of posture supports include belts, back braces, and shoulder straps. These all work on different parts of the spine and can restructure the incorrect positioning of the bones and muscles that takes place over time.

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