What Makes Moroccan Oil So Good For Skin And Hair?

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 00:00

The ‘next big thing’ – organic Moroccan oil – is here. But why is it being touted as such a fantastic way to keep both your skin and your hair healthy?

The world has discovered Moroccan oil and based upon the seemingly endless positive reviews that are pouring in from all fronts, it’s here to stay. Some may be skeptical about Moroccan oil’s supposedly mystical powers, but it’s not magic – it’s simple chemistry that’s behind the new product’s sudden popularity.


Let’s clear something up first: your current hair care products are most likely not doing you any favors when it comes to keeping your hair in good shape.  There’s a reason why most hair treatments recommend the use of a shampoo and a conditioner, and that’s because the majority of shampoos don’t just clean your hair of any dirt and debris but also strip it of all its natural oils that keep it from becoming brittle and looking flat; conditioning agents attempt to fix the problem by adding chemical moisturizers back into the mix, but this often doesn’t repair any damage done to your hair – it simply masks it.

In comparison, using the best Moroccan oil for hair treatment, or using a hair care product that contains organic Moroccan oil, not only helps to repair the damage done by harsh hair cleansing agents but can, over time, prevent the damage in the first place. That’s because Moroccan oil is filled with organic, all-natural moisturizers such s Vitamin E that can be readily absorbed by your hair, acting as a natural barrier and keeping it looking sleek, shiny, and with plenty of bounce.


As much as Moroccan oil benefits hair, it also helps to keep skin healthy and vibrant as well. The problem with skin care products is much the same as with hair treatments in that harsh, caustic, or abrasive chemicals or substances can leave your skin looking raw, swollen, and lacking in the natural protective oils that keep it from becoming dried out and wrinkled and leave it defenseless in the face of the types of dirt and irritants that can cause infection or the formation of acne, but Moroccan oil’s perfectly balanced formula of gentle cleansers and moisturizing agents put an end to all these worries.

You’ll most likely never go back to your old skin cleanser once you try one infused with Moroccan oil, as the results can be astonishing. Thanks to the gentle cleansing of oleic acid and linoleic acid, Moroccan oil will leave your skin feeling clean without putting it through the wringer – and the moisturizing effects of Vitamin E will leave your skin’s natural oils balanced and able to fight off foreign pollutants without clogging up your pores and leading to acne.