Transform your look with Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 00:00

Foxy Hair Extensions are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pre-bonded human hair extensions.

Pre-bonded human hair extensions are their most popular extension method.  All of the pre-bonded hair that they supply is tipped with Italian Keratin, the strongest keratin currently available on the market.  Unlike other keratin bonds, Italian keratin doesn’t go soft or sticky.  Designed to work with all hair types, including hair which is oily, the keratin is simply heated into the hair.  This technique creates small neat bonds, which are incredibly comfortable to wear.  Removal is also quick and easy, by using a solution that has been specially created, to break down the keratin bonds.  Pre-bonded hair extensions are available in both 16 inches and 20 inches and will last up to 3 months, providing they are properly cared for.  Application time ranges from 1.5-3 hours.  You can also choose from standard Indian Remy hair or Luxury Brazilian Remy Hair.

If however, you prefer not to have pre-bonded hair extensions, Roxy offer a number of alternative application methods.

Micro Ring/Copper Tube Hair Extensions are a great alternative to the traditional pre-bonded extensions.  These extensions are attached by threading the client’s natural hair, through small copper tubes/micro rings.  The extensions are then clamped inside the tubes.  These extensions are best suited to those that are looking to achieve a natural look, without the use of adhesives. They are also available in both 16 inches and 20 inches, standard Indian Remy hair or Luxury Indian Remy Hair, and take 2-3 hours to apply.

Another alternative is Nano Ring Hair Extensions.  These are the latest in hair technology and consist of small beads, which are 90% smaller than standard Micro Rings.  Not only are they virtually undetectable, like standard Micro Rings, but no heat or chemicals is also used during the application process.  It is, however, important to note, that this method is not suited to fine or oily hair.  Handpicked luxury cuticle Remy hair is used for this particular method meaning that if rotated, extensions can last between 6-12 months.

If however, you are looking for length and volume in little over an hour, why not opt for a sew-in weave.  You can choose from either a traditional cornrow sew-in, or the newest method currently taking the UK by storm, the LA weave.  Available in a huge range of colors, these hair wefts measure 20 inches, and last for around 6-8 weeks.