Top Brand Women's Makeup For Less

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Top Brand Women's Makeup For Less

Whether to wear makeup or not is a discussion that never gets old. But despite everything everyone has to say, the truth is it’s a matter of choice. So, the decision to wear or not to wear makeup shouldn’t be based on what people might think or the fear of someone judging you or insecurity issues. Your choice only matters to you.

Well, some people never wear makeup and they have reasons for that. It could be an issue of principle or a resolve to keep things natural. Others lack the time for it. Some simply can’t afford it while a good number have jobs with little to no interactions.

On the other hand, there are many who love to wear makeup and they have reasons to show for it. Maybe you are one of those who’ve never been sure on what way to go about this. Well, read ahead to discover why many relish makeups.

To show our different versions 

One superior thing about makeups is their ability to bring out the different versions of you, letting you wear a look that reflects your mood. Not every day is the same. For instance, you may want your face glowing on a Monday and some highlighter together with a bit of bronzer can help you achieve that look.


Applying makeups is one way of showing that you really care about yourself. Think of it. Spending some minutes focused on your lips or eyebrows and doing everything possible to achieve a look of your choice means a lot. After all, we rarely set time to focus on ourselves but the few minutes invested in makeups every morning are a sign of love and self-care.

To impress oneself

Sometimes, girls will wear makeup to impress another person, either a guy or fellow girls. But most times, girls put up makeup to impress themselves. In a survey by Buzz feed on its female employees, a majority said that makeup makes them feel good and confident.

Its art

Art exists in many forms. Makeup represents art because it’s artistic in nature. The very act of applying makeup calls for some creativity and usually, there are no limits to how far one can get. You can experiment with different techniques until you find something that represents your mood or other aspects.

Source of motivation or inspiration

Sounds out of place, right? Wrong. Many of us often find ourselves slaves to a routine that usually makes us feel as if we are stuck. And to bolt out of this, we always go looking for something new or different to inspire or motivate us back into action. Well, makeups are good at this. A different look might be all you need to get yourself re-energized again.

Polls sponsored by beauty companies and centering around the use of cosmetics estimate that 50-80% of women occasionally wear makeups. Well, this couldn’t be wrong because we’ve grown up watching our moms use it, the pretty ladies on TV wear it too, and magazine cover pages bear images of women donning colorful makeup.

Makeups, no doubt, bring out the best in us and at Sweet Looks 123 Makeup Store, they have a wide collection of just about any top brand of makeup you need to look dapper and bring out the best in you.