Tips for beautiful hair

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Learn the best secrets of beauty with more than 5 tips for beautiful hair

The superficial allure of healthy and shiny hair is the best secret for all women to appeal to the opposite sex. Interestingly, Women always know that to keep a healthy and beautiful hair will require a lot of effort along with a lot of time. All healthy women can have lustrous, healthy, shiny hair, while some sickly women can lose luster and have ugly hair. I write this blog to give all the women some of the tips for beautiful hair with a friendly and healthy ingredient in your kitchen. Let’s take a look.

 1. A Mask Of Avocado

You can mash an avocado (without pit) and 1egg, and then apply to your wet hair for restoring your healthy hair. You should know that avocado is a great source of vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids that can support you in restoring the luster of the hair. You can put it on your hair in 20 minutes, and then you can wash your hair again. You just apply this kind of mask for your hair for 1 time per month for getting healthy hair. This mixture also can help you stop grey hair naturally and quickly.

 2. A Mask Of The Apple Cider Vinegar  

Put on your hair the mix of apple cider vinegar and warm water to balance the level of pH on your scalp. This kind of mask can bring natural and unique red highlights for your hair. You just pour the mixture of vinegar and warm water onto the hair, and then massage this into your dry scalp; wait for few minutes before washing that can help you get back the balance for your scalp and hair.

 3. Mask Of Honey

You want to get the beautiful hair at home, mix alum and honey to make a thick ingredient then put this mixture on your hair, and then sit in the sunlight for about 45 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo. This kind of mask can help you get three highlights shades on your hair which lighter than the natural color of your hair.

 4. Wash Your Hair With Botanical Oils.  

At the local health food stores, you can find olive, sweet almond and jojoba oils which are great sources of vitamin for the wonderful elixirs for your hair. If you have a heavy and thick hair, you should use the amazing coconut oil. You can dampen the hair and then apply the amazing botanical oil on all your hair, then cover all your hair with the shower cap for about a half-hour, then wash it with the shampoo.

 5. An Amazing Mask With The Some Drops Of The Sandalwood Oil  

You can mix some drops of jojoba or olive oil, rub it between your two palms, and then smooth this mixture via the ends of hair for the instant sleekness to curb the hair loss, the flyaway hair, and condition brittle. Moreover, you can squirt the hand lotion between your two palms, and put it via your hair.

 6. Here Is The Best Diet Tips For Getting The Healthy Hair

To get healthy hair, the only mask of natural ingredients is not enough. Because, hair is a part of your body, like skin, your hair needs more and more proper nourishment for its health. A good and proper diet can support your skin, brain, body, and even hair. The great source of protein foods contains soy products, fish, lean meat, chicken, or eggs which are good food for healthy hair. Moreover, the fatty acids are also the needed supplements for your hair. You can find the high level of fatty acids in some kind of nuts like almonds and walnuts or flaxseed oil. B Vitamins B12 and B6 are more and more important for hair health which can be found in vegetables, grain foods, and fruits.

There are more than 5 tips of natural ingredients for your healthy and beautiful hair, if you like my blog, you can share it on Facebook, tweet... for your friend. I appreciate all your comments and suggestion for contributing to this title.