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Is there anything more effective than depilation?

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Is there anything more effective than depilation?

Something that we used to call most commonly used depilation treatment is now almost dead. We are talking about Electrolysis depilation, which was most commonly used until late 1997, in the US. Now after years of effective usage Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized and approved IPL (IPL technology - intense pulsed light epilation method or system a luce pulsate), after the treatments were approved by many studies and professional beauty salons. IPL systems demonstrated their effectiveness in many forms. There are is no discomfort in using the treatment, and there are permanent results in just few weeks out of using the IPL systems ( home and professional use).In one study, 30 women with facial over excessive hair growth with "facial hisuitism", typically male areas hair growth were treated with electrolysis in on side and IPL technology on the other say. The IPL systems hair removal methods have score far more better results than the depilation. The scores were 5.6 and 8.9 respectively!.

There was another study of 35 people with excess hair on their back. With IPL the high was reduced by 78% in 3.8 IPL treatments, there was max, efficiency in the first 2-3 sessions. The most important was however that IPL treatments were effective on all the skin types, hair color and area of usage/application.

IPL ca be used not only for hair removal but also in cosmetic medicines, it can treat cascular skin lesions and some pigmentation problems (distorters like melasma , moles, vitiligo...) or it can also remove sun spors, which can appear with older age in to response to sun  exposure. There is also indication that it can rejuvenate the skin, increase collagen synthesis and also it can help the skin to regenerate faster. There are some risk using it such as redness, some lesser pigmentation changes but ther usually go away very fast.

Now in the coming years, we will see a big rise in the use of IPL at home. Some companies like Remington already created some top notch systems with IPL technology like Remington IPL6000 i-Light Pro, you can also read more about it system a luce pulsate IPL. These systems are made for carefree home use and they are the best there is in the market. The price range is 300$-500$, and they emit a broad spectrum of wave lights, that range between 550 and 1200 nanometers / 2.600 rays per second.( depends on the skin color, hair type etc...). They destroy hair roots with those light waves and the growth cycle is altered is permanent.