Telling Signs of Teenage Anxiety Disorders

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As many parents know, understanding what is going on in a teenager's head can be challenging. This becomes an issue when teenagers experience difficult times or health issues and need outside help. Teen anxiety is one problem that can go untreated because teenagers conceal their feelings and parents do not have enough information to realize that there is a problem. Moderate stress is normal for teenagers ó after all, they are planning their futures, facing peer pressure, and balancing numerous obligations ó but it is important to watch for warning signs of actual anxiety problems.

Obsessive behaviors can be one indicator of an anxiety issue. It is normal for teens to be anxious on occasion, but if your son or daughter is constantly expressing worry about the same topics, this may be a sign of teen anxiety. Teenagers who obsessively double-check their work or other things may also suffer from anxiety. When worrying or obsessive rituals occur on a daily basis or interfere with other activities, a teenager may benefit from some form of anxiety treatment.

Physical symptoms that may be caused by anxiety are another sign that should not be ignored. Some teenagers with anxiety experience problems like headaches and stomachaches. Others may have trouble sleeping and feel chronically fatigued. When teenagers experience these issues, anxiety treatment is important, since their anxiety is actually having a detrimental effect on their general health.

Finally, poor coping behaviors may stem reflect an anxiety problem. Some anxious teenagers display low self-esteem and are extremely critical of themselves. Others become unhealthily dependent on the approval of other people. Sometimes, teenagers may even look to substances like drugs or alcohol to make their feelings of anxiety easier to cope with.

Teen anxiety is an issue that many parents overlook, but it can have physical, social, and emotional consequences. Teenagers who display symptoms of anxiety and are having their lives significantly impacted by the condition can greatly benefit from treatment. Anxiety treatment can teach teenagers constructive ways to handle their feelings so that they don't have to suffer from health issues or turn to unhealthy outlets.

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