A Tailor4Less Review

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 00:00

It’s quite some time ago, that polo shirts were only worn for playing golf or tennis. Nowadays, they can be worn everywhere and for every occasion.

That is why Tailor4Less has already dedicated them a whole section. Now, there are new customization options, which will let you design your own, totally new polo shirt.

It is now possible to choose whether you would like to have the common polo shirt with short sleeves, or rather one with long sleeves. There are new colors, which you can choose from: red and green. These colors can also be selected when customizing the cuffs or the collar ribbon.

One completely new feature is the option of changing the style from a simple one-colored shirt to one with stripes across the breast. These stripes come in different variations: 3 horizontal lines, 2 horizontals with one vertical, one diagonal,… Of course, the colors for the stripes can be changed as you like, as well!

The other new option is to choose numbers for logos. There are several sizes and colors and they can be placed to different positions on the shirt.

All these choices will let you customize your polo shirt exactly the way you want it so that you will be able to wear it to any occasion. Additionally, by adding distinctive details you will definitely stand out! Defintly recommended find them here: www.tailor4less.com