Stories that inspire us

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Stories that inspire us

Stories That Inspire Us, By Katie O'Connor.

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiration story to help us remember that there is good in the world, and that people are innately GOOD!

Take this story from this past weekend’s Chicago Marathon!  Reading this story pulls at my heartstrings, makes me proud to be a part of the running community, and makes me even more determined to follow my dreams.  When runner Maickel Melamed was born, doctors gave him a week.  But as a true story of endurance, for 38 years, he’s been living with muscular dystrophy.  He might have been the last person to cross the finish on Sunday, but he has already won by so many standards.  When he was interviewed and asked why runs the marathon, Melamed said “Because I can do it! That's the point. If you want to do something, you discover you can do it, and then you have to do it.”

Or this story about local author and life coach Sara Connell.  After unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally, years of fertility treatments, and three lost pregnancies, Sara began giving up hope of bringing a baby to term. In February 2011, Kristine Casey, 61, gave birth to her own grandson (via gestational carrier), becoming the oldest woman ever to give birth in Chicago.  Sara’s journey to motherhood is a modern day medical miracle, and built an unbreakable bond between mother and daughter.  I am lucky to know Sara, she is an amazingly strong woman, you would never know she has experienced such heartache.  She has chosen to take her struggle and turn it into fuel to fire her passion to help others.

And this story so timely about bullying and the viral letter a brother wrote to Santa for help for his twin sister who was getting bullied at school.
People are good, it sucks that good people have to deal with bad situations.

Try to remember that we don’t always know what the other person is going through at the coffee shop, on the other end of the phone, or the person we walk past in the street.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Do one kind thing a day.  Believe that the glass IS half full, even if at the time, you think you have a crack in your glass ;)

Share your story of inspiration or an inspirational person you know!