Some of the Treatment For TMJ Disorder & Causes

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Treatment For TMJ – TMJ Disorder Causes Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a very common jaw disorder which affects 60 million Americans today. Those who are suffering from this disorder may experience temporary pain, or a pain that may last for a few years. If you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, it’s important that you understand the causes of TMJ disorder so that you can administer the best treatment for TMJ. Although you can’t be certain what causes it exactly, there are however some contributing factors as stated below.


Jaw derangement, also known as malocclusion, is the most common cause of TMJ disorder. It is a condition where your teeth can no longer fit together in a way they’re supposed to. This is usually caused by tooth removal, dentures that do not fit properly, major or minor dental surgery, wisdom teeth and missing teeth.


Most of the TMJ disorder sufferers claim that they had some injury or trauma such as minor blows to the face, head or jaw. Braces that do not fit properly can be a contributing factor too.


The things that we unknowingly do daily may cause TMJ disorder. Bruxism, a habit of clenching your teeth continually, is a very common habit. Clenching your teeth damages the ligaments and cartilage in the TMJ as undue pressure is applied on the jaw and teeth. Other bad habits that cause TMJ disorder include biting your finger nails, chewing on pencils or pens, chronic gum chewing, and bad postures that put undue pressure on your jaw and face.


Stress, which causes tensions and tightening in the muscles, can cause TMJ disorder. Prolonged muscle tightening puts enormous pressure on the TMJ area, and thus results in the shortening of tense muscles causing a misalignment. Stresses include financial problems, family problems, health concerns and legal hassles. These must be dealt with accordingly.


Emotional upheavals can cause TMJ disorder. These include anxiety, depression, fear and anger. If you’re suffering from a TMJ disorder, there are simple precautions you can take to prevent it. For example, be careful not to open your mouth fully or too wide when you’re yawning. Just open it partially. Avoid biting your nails, chewing bubble gum excessively, and chewing on pens or pencils. It is essential that you take care of your TMJ as it does basic activities such as chewing, talking and swallowing.

Treatment for TMJ

As there are many different causes for the TMJ disorder, the treatment for TMJ you should go for should be multi-dimensional. There are lots of treatments available for the TMJ disorder, from simple exercises to corrective surgeries. If you want to treat this problem permanently, it’s best that you take a holistic approach. When you take the holistic approach, your body is strengthened and you’re equipping it to heal by itself. Your body will then recover in no time, and future occurrences of the disorder are prevented. When you combine relaxation techniques that reduce stress, with jaw exercises like TMJ rotation, and working on your body postures which affect your neck and head, it provides a wholesome treatment for TMJdisorder. It’s only through the holistic treatment will your body be totally restored. Want to know more information on the treatment for TMJ in 3 easy steps ==> Click Here