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The Smarter Way to Avoid Gluten at the Store

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The Smarter Way to Avoid Gluten at the Store

Certain people are having health problems with food like bread and pasta that has glutton in it that has made them take a visit to the doctor office. Now with this being a known health problem in people, the food industry has done some work into making bread, pasta and other food that is gluten-free. In fact now there are so many gluten free options, there are actually some products that even though it says gluten-free, it may not necessarily be healthy on your diet. With that being said, make a smarter choice by filling your shopping cart with some of this gluten free shopping list.

Quinoa or Whole Grain Rice

Replace that traditional refined white rice with whole grain for it has all the nutrients that is stripped out of white rice. If you want rice that is even more filled with protein (which is good for your diet), get some quinoa.

Almond Meal

Almond meal is a good option for baking that is good for protein, fiber, and vitamin E. This can be a great option to bake certain things like pie crusts and muffins.

Collard Leafs or Lettuce

Instead of buying gluten free bread, buy some collard leafs or lettuce to wrap your turkey or chicken sandwich fixings in. In doing so, you can get the healthy benefits of having that extra serving of vegetables in your wrap.


Instead of buying some crackers to snack on, buy some nuts. Nuts are a good source of protein and keep you fuller longer than crackers. When shopping for nuts, don’t get the nuts that are coated in undesirable ingredients like gluten and sugar.


This vegetable is rich in antioxidants so it is a must have for your healthy diet. Use in a recipe or serve as a vegetable on your plate.

Coconut Flour

Packed with fiber and beneficial triglycerides, coconut flour is another alternative to traditional flour. However it has a drier texture, so you may need to adjust your recipes.

So use this recommended gluten free shopping list the next time you go to the store instead of buying those pre-packaged gluten free products so you can make the smart healthy choice.