The Skin Friendly Dead Sea

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The Skin Friendly Dead Sea

All women love to buy skin care products and with the availability of Dead Sea cosmetics even the men don't shy away from purchasing some great mud masks to rejuvenate their dull skin.

The Dead Sea has gained recognition all over the world for the mineral rich salts present in its waters. The untouched waters are so pristine that when the water evaporates all that is left is sulphur, magnesium, potassium and many other minerals. Many greats of the history books used the Dead Sea water to wash their faces, bathe and cleanse in. Even Cleopatra made full use of the slat to cleanse her skin.The Dead Sea salt has won many hearts over the years because it is mainly very effective in treating skin ailments like acne, dandruff, eczema and many others.

Out of all the Dead Sea products in the market right now, the Dead Sea mud mask has gained a lot of popularity. These 10 to 15 minute masks can be smeared onto one’s face and left alone. Some of them have iron which is why they can be removed with iron. When the magnet is moved across the face one realizes that it removes the mask and collagen. The mask does rid the face of eyesores like blackheads and even reduces pimples. These Dead Sea products are coming out in the form of shampoos to cure dandruff problems, soaps for bathing and baths salts for a nice luxury bubbles bath at the comfort of one’s home. The therapeutic feeling given by the minerals makes your skin come alive.

The Dead certainly is a natural wonder. The true essence of health and vitality can be seen in nature’s renewing powers. The revitalizing waters have a mineral basin with astonishing curative powers. Through the whole Millennia, people have been fascinated with the Dead sea. For healthy and supple skin, these minerals are essential for skin glow. The Dead Sea waters are very unique. They are filled with proteins created by century old fossils.

Those who do travel to this part of the world do try to bring back the water with them. Even if you can’t afford a trip here, you don’t have to worry. Nowadays the minerals are packaged and sold off in the market as high-end products that really do work miracles. One certainly can’t go wrong with these Dead Sea products because they just are as effective as they claim to be.