Shower Filter Head: The New Generation water purification

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Shower Filter Head: The New Generation water purification

Apparent Benefits

These days the water in our homes or offices in not clean enough in most places of the country. This water needs to get purified before our daily use. In some of the cities, regional planning committees use various methods or techniques to purify the water. However, we should take steps in order to clean water as for our daily bath as well. Shower filter heads are very important in our bathrooms because they are very helpful in the removal of harmful elements like Chlorine and other synthetic chemicals. They are also very helpful for removing rust, iron oxide and odors.

Filtering Media

Filtering media used in these showers are mainly KDF and Chlrogon. One of the benefits of KDF filter is that it removes more than 90% of chlorine from shower water. Many filters require no backflushing and are replaceable yearly. In some of the shower head filters there's Crystalline Quartz technology, which allows the smooth flow of water. One of the main benefits of these shower filter heads is that they are not required to be replaced after a short period. In some of the filters, we can also increase or decrease the pressure of water flow. A filtration membrane is also often used, that removes larger insoluble solutes from the solvent, which is mainly water.

Health Benefits

These shower filter heads are helpful in reducing skin rashes, flakiness, and dryness. These water filters, reduce chlorine and dirt which are very dangerous for the eyes. The reduction of the amount of rust is very good for human hair. Some people are very sensitive to chlorine. If they bath in chlorinated water, they feel nausea or make them feel extremely tired. By attaching two shower heads together, you can remove approx. 99 percent of chlorine. If one shower filter head removes 90 percent of chlorine, then two filters can remove up to 99 percent of chlorine. Chlorine combines with organic matter to form compounds, which are called trihalomethanes (THMs). Carcinogen is the most common THM found in water. Communities using chlorinated water have a variety of toxic issues and many diseases were found on them like increases risk of bladder, kidney, and cancer. This increased amount of impurities can also affect the newly born child. The weakening of the immune system is also the result of these impurities.  One should take precautionary measures in order to clean the water used for a bath.