Non-surgical beauty treatments

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Non-surgical beauty treatments

In our modern age, people are obsessed with improving their looks through various cosmetic medical procedures. We have heard about stars doing this for a while now, like Pamela Anderson with her breast implants or Joan Rivers with her facelifts. 

The issue is that these surgical procedures put the patient's health in danger, like increasing their blood pressure or increasing their likelihood of getting blood clots. In addition to that, the result of these procedures may make someone look like they obviously had surgery done. This type of eliminates the intent of getting an operation in the first place since you are trying to appear as naturally beautiful as potential. 

So as to attain this through treatment, you have to attempt non-surgical beauty treatments, like wrinkle reducing dermal fillers injections, lip enhancements, and cheek improvements. These facial treatments are the most popular as people grow older because they worry about their wrinkles. Moreover, becoming cheek enhancements and dermal fillers are a lot less expensive than going in for facelift surgery. 

As for the price, the form of dermal filler used is actually what determines that. For instance, you can have fat injected into your face to smooth out wrinkles or you can have collagen, which is not more expensive. The physician will recommend the very best solution for your particular facial scenario.

Lip enhancement treatment will fill your lips out more by making them pouty and plump. Now, this is not advocated because it is well known to cause negative health effects that may make the patient feel more uneasy in the long term. Thus, the lip fillers that are recommended are either hyaluronic acid or Botox. Both cause minimal side effects and certainly will leave a patient's lips feeling and seeming great. 

The best part is that no one will know you'd treatment done just as long as you do not overdo the treatments. It is recommended that individuals often get their injections every six months. Then your lips will look too big if you get the treatment more often. Then folks will begin spreading rumors about you and calling them fake. It's essential to get self-control and not get hooked on the lip or facial improvements. 

At Andrea Jones Aesthetics, our specialists consult our patients and give them the very best potential cosmetic enhancement alternatives based on their tastes. Once the process has been performed, the healing time will only last 30 minutes. Compare that to cosmetic surgery, which might last days or even weeks' healing time. For this reason, you definitely want to attempt our non-surgical treatments before you ever contemplate going a step further towards anything surgical.