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The Most Common Questions about Dentures

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The Most Common Questions about Dentures

If you’re wondering about dentures, chances are you already understand what they are and what they’re used to accomplish. At their simplest, dentures are a removable set of teeth that are used to replace your missing teeth. You can have a partial set of dentures or a full set of dentures, and while you might be hesitant about dentures at first -- many of our patients agree that they come with a variety of benefits. First, there’s the obvious benefit that your dentures will provide you with a fully working set of teeth. Secondly, they will make you far more confident and comfortable with your smile. Finally, they will actively eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by your current teeth.

But how does it work? and what can you expect? Read on to learn some of the most common questions our friends at Primary Dental Care hear, based on their experience providing hundreds upon hundreds of sets of dentures in Garden Grove, CA

How do I know I need dentures?”

When it comes to dentures, you might think -- “Me? Dentures? I don’t need dentures.” If you’re missing some of your teeth and you don’t get partial dentures (or implants) it can lead to you losing your teeth much faster (making full dentures necessary). However, knowing when you need dentures isn’t very hard. In fact, if you’re losing your teeth rapidly or many of your teeth are infected or decayed, there’s a good chance you need dentures. Don’t let this bother you too much. It’s actually common for many people to not make it through their entire life with all of their teeth, and dentures are one of the fastest and most effective methods to bring back the smile of your youth.

How long does it take to get dentures?”

A full set of dentures can be installed in about 5 visits to the dentist’s office (or about 2-3 weeks). The process moves from taking an impression of your teeth and actually picking the look of your teeth, to tweaking your initial fitting and scheduling regular dental visits to fine-tune the way your dentures fit, look, and function.

Does getting dentures hurt?”

While the process of getting dentures can sometimes sound uncomfortable, you might be surprised to learn that many patients hardly feel a thing.  During the procedure, you will be asleep (and feel no pain), and after the procedure, the only discomfort or pain you should expect is a little bit of soreness and maybe some swelling.  In fact, the common consensus from patients with dentures is that the temporary inconvenience of getting false teeth is well worth it when it comes to eliminating the daily pain of damaged, decayed, and missing teeth.