Make Your Makeup Stay With Primer

Submitted by admin on Tue, 07/02/2013 - 00:00

Many of you have probably heard about foundation or base makeup primer, but not everyone knows precisely what it is. There are different names of this cosmetics product, but first, remember that the primer and base makeup is the same. There are different types of primers, but they all serve to prepare the skin for makeup and enhancing its sustainability. So if you do not use primers constantly, keep them in mind when you want your makeup to last as long as possible. The composition of many modern face primers often included skin beneficial substances. This does not mean that the bases can replace your regular cosmetic for skincare. Foundation makeup is always applied as normal as you use creams, but after having absorbed well.

  The use of makeup is not just a trend in the cosmetic industry. Base makeup (primer) creates a smooth, flat surface of the skin, smoothes fine lines and uneven skin and prepares the person for the application of foundation. Do you use make-up primer? If you have tried it once, you will hardly give it up. Foundation or base makeup (primer) is a cosmetic that has the following advantages:

  • These primers prepare the face for further application of foundation. They create a substantially flat and smooth surface of the skin, which makes background-de-tan is evenly distributed and easily. Foundations soften the skin with wrinkles and smooth formed acne bumps.

  • Special concealer (color) primers can significantly improve the color of the face. Greenish bases neutralize the effect of red, purple - yellow or brownish tinge to the skin, pale hand balancing orange shade of tan while giving white porcelain white face.

  • The compositions of some primers are included microscopic reflective particles which give a nice glow to the skin. In cold skin tone is best to use substrates with pink pearl sheen, while for leather warmer shade is appropriate the usage of golden peach ground. Do not apply foundation with a high gloss on the whole person, it will make your skin look oily.

  • You can neutralize oily sheen and reduce pores visually using opaque substrates. While moisturizing base will provide greater comfort to dry and withered skin.

  • A primer containing UV-filters will protect your skin from the sun and therefore will be very useful if your daily cream background and de-tan does not contain SPF.

  Primers makeup could be applied by hand. After application, it is necessary to wait a few minutes to absorb the base, otherwise it will smear. As is known to every woman, the golden rule for a good face makeup is proper and careful application of the primer. It is always a pledge to broadcast appeal, whether you prefer warm or cool tones. The important thing is to make the face glow inside. This can only give proper base. Makeup has the second word.

    If you still have preconceived ideas about the use of tonal cream, you can confidently leave it aside. Heavy and greasy creams are able to weigh like a stone skin. Modern, high quality cream primer can help you - they will moisten it will be velvety and pleasant to feel, and to achieve flawless, clear and even tone.  It is not good to apply the primer directly with fingers. Use cosmetic fungi and brushes of different sizes. Only the skillful use of these tools can provide even application of the primers.

   Take good care of your skin before inserting the primer and then it instead to correct defects of the face, will highlight its merits.