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Lower Back Pain Relief - Safe and Easy with Detensor Method

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Lower Back Pain Relief - Safe and Easy with Detensor Method

Most people these days lead a sedentary lifestyle that makes the body’s muscles and surrounding tissues disintegrate and start to atrophy. When this happens, any kind of movement or action can create tension that causes prolonged back pain.

Since back pain isn’t a diagnosis and actually the symptom of an underlying ailment, it becomes difficult to detect its origin. It can go from a dull pain to a continuous, sharp pain and can last anywhere from a day to weeks.

Lower back pain can become a big hindrance in day-to-day life and if not treated properly can cause immense pain and difficulty in moving and doing daily chores. Doctors may prescribe balms, medicines and simple stretches to help relieve the pain and in severe cases surgery may even be advised.

But all of these medical treatments will cost a lot, are invasive and include a lot of hassles. Instead, there’s a much simpler and easier way to help relieve lower back pain, and any other kind of back pain at home. 

The Detensor Spinal Traction Therapy System is easy to use and cost-effective lower back pain treatment that is based on vertebral disk decompression. It is safe to use by anyone and is ideal for use at home without the risk of any known side effects.

Spinal traction therapy has been in use for backache relief since the 1980s and the concept works by the Detensor mat using the patient's own weight to help in relaxing the spine. It has a ridged surface and thus its lamellas are easy to compress and expand, and this helps in spinal relaxation. The Detensor mat has 18% recumbency and uses the same percentage of body mass to help in aligning the spine.

The mat can be used to relax the spine and toughen its surroundings like ligaments, tendons and muscles. This helps in easing lower back pain and improves the condition of the spine effectively.

The Detensor mat comes in various densities, is portable and can be used for a flexible amount of time without any harm caused. It begins decreasing pressure on the inter-vertebral disks in the first 20 minutes itself, showing results in a short period of time!