IOLITE V2 Portable Vaporizer Review - Oglesby & Butler

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IOLITE V2 Portable Vaporizer Review - Oglesby & Butler

Oglesby & Butler is a company based in Ireland that makes a unique dry herb vaporizer called the IOLITE. This handheld portable vape is also known as the “walkie-talkie” in reference to its shape. Aside from the unit’s portability, there are many other reasons why vape enthusiasts must purchase this portable vaporizer. For starters, it produces a clean and smooth vapor, mostly because of the heating mechanism. When the dry herb chamber is heated, the temperatures within it could reach as high as 190°C (374°F). This is the optimal temperature for modern vaporizers. The amount of herbs to be heated depends on the user, and experimentation is very much encouraged by the vaporizer’s design.

Another advantage this unit has over its contemporaries is the choice of fuel. Perhaps one of the reasons why this is the best portable vaporizer around is that it does need electricity or battery to operate. This can be very advantageous indeed since users do not have to be reliant on the presence of an electric outlet, or the availability of batteries to power the unit. The IOLITE V2 is a vaporizer that utilizes the same fuel found in cigarette lighters—butane. This substance is very easy to purchase since most convenience stores have them. With butane at hand, the IOLITE V2 portable vape can be refilled in just a matter of seconds. Once the butane runs out, there is no waiting time required, and the vaporizer may be used again immediately since the refill procedure is easy to complete. However, it must be emphasized that although it only takes a few seconds for the butane fluid to fill the chamber, the vape must be allowed to settle for a few minutes afterward before it is ignited.


The next pertinent question is the viability of the fuel that the portable unit can carry. How long will the fuel in the container last? On average, each filling gives users 90 minutes of use, which amounts to roughly six full sessions. After an hour and a half, the butane needs to be refilled already. The length of time varies, but this is the current estimate. For continued use, owners of the IOLITE V2 vaporizer must check that they have brought with them an extra container of butane. A can that costs about $3.50 contains an amount of butane that is good for roughly 12 refills. Now that is a great bargain.

Pros and cons of using this portable vaporizer from Oglesby & Butler:


  • No need to charge batteries
  • No need to plug it in before using
  • The herb-heating chamber reaches an optimal temperature
  • Lightweight and portable and comes with a stylish carrying case


  • Produces a hissing sound whenever the heating component is engaged
  • May not ignite/activate immediately the first time the switch is turned on
  • Waiting time for the optimal first draw is an average of two minutes
  • Long draws are required to get a decent amount of vapor

Authorized dealers sell the IOLITE V2 portable vaporizer at a unit price of $220.