Introducing Children to Nature

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Introducing Children to Nature

Children are never too young to be introduced to nature, and it means that they are more likely to grow up admiring it, like Francesco Corallo. Children are naturally curious about their surroundings and something as simple as a walk in the park can be used to gain their interest in nature. Young children will enjoy collecting different types of leaves that can be taken home and made into collages or painted.

Francesco Corallo and other people who love nature know the importance of keeping the natural habitat of animals. It is easy to teach children about this by getting them to look for birds' nests in trees or for tracks and other signs of badgers and foxes. Even nature lovers like Francesco Corallo had to start small and nothing is smaller than mini beasts. Children will enjoy hunting under rocks or logs for them and it is often easy to scoop up a mini beast in a container to let the children observe them.

Children will also enjoy taking photographs of things that they see and find. These can be used to help your child make a nature scrapbook. This could also include leaves that they find, twigs or pressed flowers. The scrapbook will be something they will treasure even when they are a grown-up nature lover like Francesco Corallo.

Growing their own plants can be a simple way to teach children about nature. Sunflowers are very easy to grow and the child will enjoy the responsibility of watering their plant. Tomato plants can also be a good choice and can also encourage healthy eating as the child may enjoy picking and eating their crop of tomatoes.

Above all it is important to teach children that nature can be fun so spend an hour teaching your child to make a daisy chain or how to make a blade of grass squeak by blowing it. Even listen out for birdsong with your child and have fun trying to imitate the different birds that you hear. Encouraging an early love of nature will stay with them until they are a grown-up nature lover like Francesco Corallo and they can then teach children of their own.