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How to stop sweating immediately

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How to stop sweating immediately

Sweating is the body’s natural response to regulating temperature when you are feeling too hot. It is something that all people go through, while some may sweat more than others in certain situations. When the weather is hot and humid, or you are feeling nervous, sweating is not something to be ashamed of or worried about.

While a little bit of sweating is natural, there are some times when you need to present yourself formally at work, or are meeting date and you wouldn’t want to show up with an armpit wet patch on your shirt!

This is why it is good to use some tips and ways to reduce sweating and stop it immediately.

Using antiperspirants

If a normal antiperspirant or deodorant isn't working out for you, try one that has higher strength. A clinical strength over the counter antiperspirant can help not just reduce and eliminate the sweat smell but also reduce perspiration all together.

When using antiperspirants, make sure you are doing it the right way! most of us take a shower, get ready and spray it on, but actually the way to get the most out of your antiperspirant is by using it at night. The liquid once sprayed on your underarms needs time to absorb into the skin, which is why night time, when there is less activity, works out great.

Wear the right clothes

You need to dress according to the weather and wear fabrics that are light and breezy. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and stick to more comfortable ones like cotton or bamboo. Learning to dress light also means wearing clothing items that match the weather. Wearing a plaid shirt, or a thick coat on a hot summer afternoon will obviously make you sweat profusely.

Choose colors and patterns wisely as well, as light colors tend to show more sweat patches than dark and heavy print ones.

Keep an eye on your food intake

Maintaining a healthy diet can greatly reduce excessive sweating. Avoid consuming deep fried, fatty, spicy and processed foods, and instead, incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet. Taking Vitamin B and staying hydrated all the time also helps in maintaining your body’s core temperature, reducing the amount you sweat.

Manage your stress

A lot of people sweat due to stressful situations throughout the day and stress and anxiety are a big cause of excessive sweating. Keeping calm, breathing and preparing for situations can help you reduce this stress. Exercise is also a stress reducer as it triggers the release of endorphins in the body, leading to lower stress hormone levels.

Sweating is natural and not something to worry about. But if you would like more information on the subject, find out more about excessive sweating treatments on