How To Keep Healthy Skin

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How To Keep Healthy Skin

I believe it was Joan Collins who when asked about her beauty secrets to young-looking and healthy skin said, moisturize, moisturise, moisturise!

In fact the star was recently stopped by border security for having too much moisturizer on her face and hands, they could not read her fingerprints.

Having and maintaining healthy skin is important for many of us. When you think about it, the first thing you see on a person is their skin, especially the facial area.

And skincare is big business as well, there are hundreds of products on the market and millions is spent each year. Just ask any woman how much her facial cream costs.

The better your skin looks, the healthier you look. Naturally, some people have better skin than others, and we all age differently.

Some Bad Habits For Our Skin

Smoking: I know what you are thinking if you are a smoker; quitting smoking is difficult to do. As a non-smoker, I cannot relate, but I can say this, smoking is bad for your skin. Smoking depletes the body of oxygen, of which both our organs and skin require.

The Sun: Being a sun worshipper is another bad habit, which is not good for your skin. It can cause skin cancer as well. Being out in the sun and having a year round tan also can make you look older than what you are.

If you smoke and worship the sun, it can have a double whammy effect.

Some Tips For Healthy Skin

We know smoking and constant tanning are not good for your skin. Not only well avoiding both these things improve your skin, but also your overall health.

Diet: “You are what you eat, so eat well”. Our diets can affect the health of our skin. There are some fruits, such as blueberries and raspberries, that are high in antioxidants, which can improve the health of our skin. Olive oil is another, which can also be used to rub on our skin in addition to eating it.

Rest: Getting the proper amount of sleep each night can be a huge factor in how your skin looks. Having bags under the eyes and being tired all the time takes its toll.

Make-up: Using the right kinds of make-up suited for our skin helps it look good as well. Also, remembering to take the make-up off each night.

Cleansing and Moisturising: I believe Joan Collins covered the reasons for this tip. Keeping your skin moisturized and clean is essential for healthy looking skin.

Calling the Doctor: There are some medical procedures, plastic surgery and even Botox, and some prescriptions that can be used to have younger looking skin. These need to be thought out carefully and discussed with a medical professional.

So just a few things that can damage our skin, and few tips on keeping healthy looking skin.