How To Fake Perfect Skin

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How To Fake Perfect Skin

As much as we want it, most of us were not blessed with perfect, clear, blemish-free skin. We are forced to work with what we have, and time, sun exposure, as well as some of the products we have used on our skin can all wreak havoc on our skin's appearance. This can cause uneven skin tone, premature aging, drying, and breakouts, just to name a few of the problems many of us face. Many of us don't realize there is a secret weapon which can help even skin tone and hide blemishes, essentially faking perfect skin, and it comes in the form of mineral concealer.

Why Use Mineral Concealer?

Mineral makeups in general are typically formulated with all natural ingredients. Purified, crushed minerals create perfect pigments which can be artfully blended to perfectly match your skin's natural tones. Mineral concealers are the perfect cosmetic to help blend away blemishes. Traditional, cream concealers can be too heavy, too thick, and somewhat "off" colour, which in turn creates an even more noticeable problem with the skin. Instead of blending away imperfections, traditional concealers actually highlight problem areas. What's more, the heavy formulations can further clog pores creating an even bigger problem with imperfections and blemishes. Mineral concealers, on the other hand, can be perfectly blended with the skin. Choosing the right colour mineral concealer can help camouflage specific problems of the skin and give you a perfectly clear canvas to start the application of the rest of your cosmetics.

Choosing The Right Mineral Concealer

When you are working to fake a perfect complexion, there are a variety of types of mineral concealers which will work well to blend imperfections. Yellow concealers are ideal for blending dark circles and hiding small blemishes on the skin. The yellow tint will blend beautifully with the rest of your skin tone underneath your foundation. Green tints are perfect colour concealers which blend in larger areas of redness, broken capillaries, and rosacea. Lavender mineral concealers help to brighten up dull skin. It also works wonders to help tired, dry skin look younger, more awake, and more refreshed.

Very few of us are blessed with perfect skin. Dark spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and aging can make our skin look blotchy, dull, and lifeless. Mineral concealers can be the secret to faking perfect skin. They are naturally soothing and created from the finest ingredients directly from the earth. These minerals are purified and pulverized, and are designed to create an almost invisible layer on your skin. Utterly weightless, these concealers are perfect for hiding imperfections. Choosing the right colour mineral concealer will help blend away your skin's flaws, and help you to fake perfect skin.