Green tea remedies

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Green tea remedies

Every culture and each civilization has rooted in its knowledge and transmitted a process of healing in a natural and healthy way that helps the human body. The ancient society used a mixture of herbs or leaves, by the heat of a fire to help recover from a disease or to defeat themselves from the symptoms of a disease or an illness that was causing a lot of damage. Or, on other occasions, it would just be used to reduce a high fever or treat a headache or a stomach ache. Plants can produce a magical effect inside you, when you know how to use them properly, without risking someone’s life. They’ve been known and used for hundreds and hundreds of years in the medical treatment of various types of cases.

The nature with other words can be described as a resourceful kitchen that becomes your best friend in need when your health is in danger. Each season brings a breeze of colors into your life and into your house but it also provides you with some of the greatest remedies that make the difference when the balance of your body starts to be shaken or to collapse.

One of the most common ways to treat someone is by making him a cup of tea that has all the necessary ingredients to make him feel better. For example, the purpose of green tea and its medical qualities that can be found are: to assure good digestion, to improve the body temperature by maintaining good sanguine circulation, to prevent the effects of fatigue, to reduce the effects of alcohol and to improve the functions of the brain.

Matcha, for example, acts as an active stimulant that offers a positive effect to all five vital organs that can be found in our body especially to the circulation in the heart. Originated from China, its benefits extended around the globe and into the health centers or the drugstores that we are so accustomed to see or enter.

In regions like Korea, Thailand and Japan the green tea is used as a medicine and a beverage that helps people with different therapeutics methods to live a healthy life. Consuming tea is a process that keeps you out from many diseases, that improves your immunity especially in the winter season when your body needs to function well and to resist various weather factors and other impediments.

When you become a person that drinks tea, the main benefits that are to be taken into consideration are that it drives you into a state of happiness or total relaxation, and your body gets out of all that stress that was gained after a hard day at work. It acts as well as a laxative or as a promise that your sleep would be much comfortable and much easier.

But, just like any other product, an excess of green tea it is not really recommended. In its composition there various elements can be found, like amino acids, enzymes, lipids, vitamins, carbohydrates, caffeine, and other related compounds. You should know that in some cases, green tea helped in the reduction of breast cancer, prostate, and ovarian cancer. Among other benefits, it reduces a small amount of body fat from your body, but also has a significant impact in cases like cardiovascular disease, dementia and even Alzheimer’s.

With its content of caffeine and polyphenols, the extract of green tea induces into your body the process of thermogenesis and stimulates the fat oxidant that boosts the metabolic rate by 4 to 5%, without exposing you to any danger or to an increase in the heart rate.

The green tea extract is used in many of the cosmetic products that make your skin feel better and lighter, in the business of healthy foods and dietary supplements that offer your body the conditions that are needed in order to achieve a good potential each day.

In a cup of tea there the so-called flavonoids can be found, that vary according to the tea products that focus on providing the health benefits of anti-carcinogenic functions and also serving as anti-oxidants. The flavonoids benefit you more than the equivalent in fresh fruits, vegetable juices or wine.

In order to use a proper dosage, it is good to know that to obtain the best quality, two grams of tea is enough for 100ml of water or one teaspoon of green tea can be used for five ounce a cup. In cases like the so-called gyokuro, leaves are put into the water repeatedly for short periods of time to assure the quality taste that is given.

According to regions, varieties of green tea can be found. Let’s take the Hunan province in China for example, where a Silver Needle tea can be seen or many other provinces like Jiangsu, Nanjing or Zhejiang (the most famous of all teas) that offer a range of tasteless tea productions