Extensions Hair Salon in San Diego, CA.

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Extensions Hair Salon in San Diego, CA.

If you are tired of hair that has its own personality and you have run out of solutions, then you may want to give hair extensions a try. Hair extensions have satisfied millions of women throughout history because if they are installed correctly by the right stylist, then all of your hair worries will definitely disappear. Hair extensions may come off as expensive in the beginning but after realizing the true benefits and how long they last, you will be convinced that its the way to go.

Extensions hair salon is a beauty salon located in San Diego, Ca and is proud to be the home of career winning hairstylist, Bahar Kayeni. She is known as the magician of hair extensions and has a customer retention rate of 75%. The industry average is 30%. Her customers say that their extensions last about 4-6 months which is above the industry-standard as well. Women drive themselves nuts when dealing with their own hair and trying to do your own hair extensions is a huge no-no. There are too many issues. Bahar recommends hot fusion u tip hair extensions. Why do some extensions cost 500 dollars and others cost 1500? This is a question that is often asked in the beauty salon industry.

The answer lies in two things. 1. The quality of the hair extensions and 2. The experience and expertise of the hairstylist. You can get hair extensions that cost 500 however they only last 1 month. But that obviously makes no sense when paying $1500 one time and not dealing with it for a minimum of 4 months is clearly a more suitable circumstance. Bahar says once someone does hair extensions for their first time, they usually become a customer for life. They are extremely addicting because woman receives compliments from all of their friends and family after they try them.

Most of her hair extensions customers come from referrals of women who have seen what their friends look like and are quickly convinced. If you are considering getting hair extensions in San Diego, Ca, then we highly recommend giving Bahar a shout at Extensions Hair Salon.

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