The Easy Way To Lose Body Fat Percentage

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/20/2013 - 00:00

Weight management is a priority in most peoples mind nowadays'. The way you look at your self may as well determine the way you feel about yourself. But the reality is that some think they have a lot of weight when the fat on their body is just normal. Others may have fats which are hidden that the scale will never tell them. Fat percentage is the percentage of our own weight which consist of fats however reducing body fats percentage is possible and here are some guidelines that may help you reduce body fat percentage.

1. Reducing the amount of calories taken daily.

Normally, fats are stored energy that is only used when the food that you take does not provide enough energy needed. The best and the only way to lower your body fat is by reducing your daily amount of food that you take daily so that the body burns the body fats to get the energy that it requires. This can be achieved by doing more of physical activities so that your daily caloric need becomes more than your caloric intake. It is recommended to eat between 15 to 30 percent less calories than your caloric need.

2. Taking a lot of water

If you drink a lot of water each day then you contribute a lot in losing body fat. Water enhance the performance of the liver, it accelerate the conversion of fats into energy hence assist in fat burning. Drinking a lot of water assist your body to work efficiently hence burning fats and thus reducing your body fats. You should at least drink 8 glasses a day and if you are living in arid areas or you are obese then you should even drink more.

3. Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol always comes ahead of fat and carbohydrates in the process of burning fats. This means that when you consume alcohol all the food that you had eaten wait first as alcohol is burnt to produce energy. The excess energy that your body doesn't require is stored as fats in the body. If you have a target of reducing body fats then you should reduce drinking alcohol.

4. Mix your workouts

If you mix your regular workouts, then the chances of reducing fat percentage in your body increases. By having more than one strength based training exercise each day or week, you will always look forward to have different activities and you will not be bored easily because each day or week the activities will be changing. Different activities have different fat burning effect because every muscle group is targeted. The trick is for you to ensure that you give your body sufficient workouts so that fat is lost evenly throughout the body.

5. Reduce bad fats

A food diet with a lot of fats will increase the amount of fat in your body. If you want to lower your fat percentage, then you should avoid eating bad fats in your diet such as simple carbohydrate and saturated fat. You can also make sure that your diet is helping you to reduce body fats. Foods like beans, sprouted grains and fiber satisfy your appetite and as well help in fat burning.

6. Add A Weight loss Supplement

Adding a supplement such as garcinia cambogia dr oz can help to boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and also blocks fat production. This will help you to reach your ideal weight much faster than simply diet and exercise alone.