Cosmetic surgeon in Derby

Being born beautiful and becoming beautiful are two very different things. Since time immemorial human beings have resorted to variety of things from essentials oil to herbal gels to look beautiful. Nowadays we have cosmetic surgeons who specialise in correcting and improving the physical features.  They are the ones who receive specialised training into using various technological advancements.

Right from head to toe, we sometimes are dissatisfied with the way we look. This could lower over self esteem and impact our social and emotional relationships with others to a certain extent. Cosmetic surgery can be an available option to help us overcome our flaws at the physical level. In the recent times cosmetic surgeons have reconstructed damaged areas for the burn and accident victims as well.

Mr. Muhammad Javaid practices in the United Kingdom from three different locations including Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. He is a full member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons i.e. BAPRAS. He offers extensive procedures for various parts of the body.

Starting from the initial consultation to the post procedure care, he and his professional team are known to provide quality service. Some of the common place surgeries he has extensive experience in include Tummy tuck or the abdominal reduction procedure. This is performed to improve the contours of the abdominal area, reduce the excessive bulge and firm up the loose skin.  This surgery is recommended for those who want to make their stretch marks look less prominent. This treatment is available for both women and men who need skin tightening or abdominal shaping or action on heavy fat deposits in and around the tummy area.

Obesity is a world-wide phenomenon and along with it has been a spurt of diet plans, gym, spas and innumerable other weight loss programs. One of the key side effects of this is the loose skin that appears after excessive weight loss. The extra skin hanging from the body is usually repulsive and often uncomfortable. Since it doesn’t go away with time our cosmetic surgeon comes to rescue, offering the services for body contouring. It can be done for various parts of the body say the chin, face, neck, arms, legs, tummy, thighs, buttocks etc. The treatment can be designed to cover all the areas identified by the individual as per own preferences.

Anti-ageing is another common concern. The wrinkled sagging skin makes the face look older and sometimes unattractive.  The surgical face lift has definitely made several people appear youthful. The smoother and tightened skin on the face including the eyebrows, jaws, chin and neck help achieve the younger, fresher looking face.

It is noteworthy that each treatment is customised experience. The doctor asks regarding medical conditions explains benefits of the cosmetic surgery and provides practical suggestions for treatment accordingly.  The list of available procedures goes on. Clear all your doubts during the consultation itself. Know everything about the operative procedures, dos and don’ts, recovery period, risks or complications that could be involved etc.