Choosing an Appropriate Style for Your Beard

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Trying out various styles of facial hair is something that almost all men will do at some point in their life, and it is likely to occur more than once. It is almost like a rite of passage when a male becomes a young adult. Although some men prefer to shave off all facial hair on a daily basis, others prefer to maintain a stylish beard or mustache. There are a very wide range of styles for mustaches and beards. The style that you choose will be dependent upon your own unique personality, and it can be rather shaggy and long or well-trimmed and short.

Styles of Beards

There are several things you may want to be aware of regarding your choice of facial hair styles. Most males have one of eight facial shapes. The shape of your face will determine the style of beard that is mostly likely to accentuate your features. You will be able to illicit positive feedback if you sport the right look. Otherwise, you can just let your beard grow in a random fashion, but that is not our recommendation. After you have determined the shape of your face, you can decide on the beard style that best suits you, including its shape, length, and the proportion of your face that you desire it to cover. Keep in mind, that the style you choose will reflect your personality. If your job involves work in a formal office setting, and you entertain clients, you should be sure to keep your beard neat and trimmed. In this case you will want your beard to have a professional appearance. The type of beard that you sport makes its own statement regarding your personality. Some beards can be trim and yet still have a rugged appearance. Even beards that are longer, if they are maintained well, can have a distinguished look. For people who desire their facial hair to be somewhat subtle, a mustache or goatee may be fitting. You may have a desire to portray yourself as sexy, sophisticated, distinguished, and artistic or a combination of these styles. You should be able to pull this off with a little bit of experimentation.

Maintaining Your Beard

A sloppy beard with food crumbs dangling from it can be a big turnoff to many people and women in particular. Keep in mind, that there are many products used for beard care that can enhance the appearance of your beard so that it maintains its aesthetic appeal. For men who have sported a beard for a long time, maintaining it has become a habit that they no longer have to think about. Guys that have grown a beard recently have to be sure to examine it closely after eating and to check it carefully before attending any business functions or formal events. We have given you the basic elements of selecting an appropriate style for your beard and maintaining it. You will be able to redefine your look and style by sporting a unique beard that fits in well with the contours of your face. With a little bit of experimentation, you should be able to find the look that suits you best. You can find some great tips and advice on beards and mustaches at