Breast reduction without surgical intervention

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Breast reduction without surgical intervention

Why might we need breast reduction in general and breast reduction without surgery in particular? Well, the matter is that while most of the women these days are not satisfied with the size of their breast cup and desire to have larger breasts, there still remains a necessity for a number of them to make the size of breasts smaller. This procedure is also known under the term of reduction mammaplasty. It is usually applied in cases when some excess fat, tissue or skin needs to be removed to give a better shape and a better look of the breast, bringing it into harmony with body proportions. In addition, excessively large breasts can cause pain; they lead to additional embarrassing inconveniences in everyday life, accompanied by different psychological problems.

Naturally, it can either go together or without the procedure of a breast lift and it is usually performed in a surgical way. Breast reduction can be undergone at almost any age, but it is commonly recommended to wait until breast development comes to its end.

Any surgical intervention can lead to a potential risk to health. That is why the medical care scientists are now looking for some ways of breast reduction, not involving it. And as for the non-surgical ways of breast reduction, currently, there are no reliable ways of reducing the breast size without surgical intervention. It is a matter of some promising future technologies to be applied to meet this challenge. Even if you hear that traditional liposuction can be applied for some patients as an alternative to breast reduction don’t let all this information create a misunderstanding in your mind. Liposuction is still considered to be a surgical procedure.

Therefore plastic surgery remains the best option for breast reduction. There are of course some attempts taken by some advanced technology clinics with the help of medical devices using focused ultrasound waves externally to break down the excess skin and fat tissues. One more way to remove the fat under the skin is freezing.

One should remember that these existing technologies used for breast reduction tasks are not certified and thus not available in the United States. However, they are expected to get approval and certification within the coming couple of years by some specialists.

To sum up, the reduction of breast volume can be reached both with the help of surgery and without surgical means. All in all, a gradual loss in weight in most cases can also lead to a breast volume reduction, but due to the fact people are all different and body fat composition varies with age there are no certain exercises or diets to achieve the loss of weight from the breast area only.