5 Steps For A Better Microblading Aftercare

Submitted by admin on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 00:00
5 Steps For A Better Microblading Aftercare

Microblading is the newest fad in the beauty industry to get thick, fuller eyebrows that look stunning and add a new charm to your face. But what most people don’t understand is that the aftercare of the process is just as important as the procedure! There are certain steps and tips you must follow to ensure your microblading session doesn’t go to waste and instead helps you get the beautiful eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

Step 1:

After your microblading procedure, the eyebrow area will be a little sensitive and swollen, just like when you get a tattoo. The first priority is to keep the area clean and not let it come in contact with dust or dirt. Use a soft cotton pad with sterile water or light anti-bacterial soap to clean the area every 2-3 hours for the initial few days. Avoid any housework with dust or airborne debris, going places with direct sunlight, or using harsh makeup and creams on your eyebrows.

Step 2:

Always apply the ointment suggested by your eyebrow technician to ensure the area heals well without any problems. Do not rub too hard or wipe harshly or you may irritate the skin. Applying this healing ointment is necessary to make sure the microblading area is not sensitive for an elongated period of time and provides the best results.

Step 3:

Remember to keep the area dry, so take care when washing your face or having a shower. If your eyebrows get wet, lightly dab them to dry off and don’t make any aggressive movements or they may get itchy. 

Step 4:

The best way to let your eyebrows heal beautifully without any problems is to just simply leave them alone! Apart from the necessary cleaning and ointment application, try not to touch them or apple any makeup or other products so that the microblading pigment settles well. 

Step 5:

In order to maintain your new eyebrows, you must get a touch up when required after 10 to 12 months to ensure you don’t lose the effect completely. Getting touch-ups in a timely manner will allow you to elongate the benefits of this eyebrow beautifying procedure.

Make sure to follow these simple steps diligently or your microblading process will be for nothing. Always remember that the process doesn’t just end when you leave the eyebrow technician’s office, and takes a lot of care afterward for a successful outcome. A little bit of aftercare for microblading from your end can make all the difference!